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Bali Visit – Spectacular Kintamani

The Bali Driver takes you on a trip to Kintamani and Mount Batur.

Head towards the center of the island traveling through the magnificent terraced rice fields.  At the top of the climb you will see the recently active Mount Batur and the peaceful Lake Batur below.  The diverse scenery you will see here is another one of the treasures of a Bali visit.

The Bali Driver – Meet Coman

Do You Need a Good Bali Driver?

If its a Bali Driver you are looking for then you have to meet this guy.  He is one of the best.

At least that is what this video just posted on YouTube says.

Sukawati Ceremony

Ceremonies are common in Bali, but this particular one was worth seeing.  It stopped traffic for about 40 minutes on a major road north of Denpasar at about 5.00 on Friday afternoon.

Welcome to My Paradise

I have been using the same music “Welcome to My Paradise” with the recently produced videos. There have been a heap of people comment on the music, so thought I would put the whole track on video.

I filled the video with still shots and with the magic of iMovie 09 turned it into something half decent.

See for yourself.

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