Suggestions For Day Trips

Here are just a few ideas of some of the day trips we can do.  Remember that we will tailor everything to suit you.

1.  Batubulan - Kintamani - Ubud

9 Hours - Rp 550,000

  • Batubulan - Barong Dance
  • Goa Gajah - Elephant Cave
  • Coffee Plantation
  • Kintmani
  • Mount Batur
  • Tegalalang - Rice field view
  • Ubud
  • Art Gallery
  • Celuk - Gold & Sliver

This is a must do tour.  It's a perfect introduction to Bali’s fascinating culture and amazing scenery.

First stop is the stone carving village of Batubulan to see the colorful and exciting Barong dance.  From there we continue on to Mas, which is a village famous for its impressive woodcarvings.  We will stop at one of the many woodcarving workshops where you can see artisans chipping intricate designs from blocks of wood.

Next visit is to the mysterious Goa Gajah, or Elephant Cave, which dates back to the 11th century.  The cave entrance is fantastically carved and depicts entangled leaves, animals, ocean waves and human shapes. Your journey takes you further inland through terraced rice fields and up into the mountains.  The vegetation changes from small rice and vegetable plots to bamboo forests and citrus fruit trees.  We will stop at a coffee plantation and see the coffee being processed the traditional way.  We can sample Bali coffee, ginger tea or hot chocolate.

On arrival at Kintamani, you will be amazed with the spectacular views of Mount Batur, with ribbons of black lava running down from its peak in the valley below. The crater is holy, and a sanctuary at the top is dedicated to the fertility goddess.  We will stop for lunch at Kintamani.

Heading towards home, we will drive through the famous rice terraces of Tegalalang on the way to Ubud.  Photographs here are a must. After a short drive we will arrive in Ubud, the artistic heart of Bali.  We will visit one of the many art galleries and catch the artists at work. Last stop before home is the village of Celuk, famous for its gold and silver works.  You can watch skilled artisans creating exquisite pieces from gold and silver.

2.  Bedugul - Tanah Lot Temple

9 Hours - Rp 550,000

  • Royal Temple of Mengwi
  • Candi Kuning Market
  • Bedugul
  • Mount Batukara
  • Pacung
  • Monkey Forest
  • Tanah Lot Temple

This trip takes you initially through relatively flat rice field country.  As we climb higher into the mountains the rice plots become smaller and terraced on the mountainside.

The first stop is the Royal Temple of Mengwi, Pura Taman Ayun.  This picturesque temple complex dates back to 1634 and is surrounded by a moat, and has multi roofed shrines and intricately carved wooden gates. Our journey continues to Pacung while we enjoy the spectacular surrounding view.  In the mountains, the vegetation changes and you will see cabbages, maize and potatoes being grown.

 As we climb higher, the countryside changes again to alpine, with mosses, creepers and ferns.  We will visit Candi Kuning fruit and flower market, with its exotic wild orchids, roses and even strawberries. Not far from the market we arrive at Bedugul, an attractive mountain resort, 850 meters above sea level.   Serene Lake Beratan fills the ancient crater of Mount Batukaru.  Here the local people honor the Goddess of the waters, Dewi Danu.  The delightful small temple of Ulun Danu dedicated to this Goddess, is built on a small promontory on the lake. We will stop for lunch at Pacung.

After lunch we make our way down the mountain to the sacred Monkey Forest, a cluster of towering trees that is home to hundreds of monkeys.  Here you can get some great photos as you stroll through the forest. Last stop is Tanah Lot Temple, one of Bali’s most famous temples.  This 16th century temple is built on black lava rock 200 meters off shore.  Tide permitting, you can walk across the beach to the temple.  Tanah Lot at sunset is very popular.

3.  Besakih Temple - Mount Agung - East Coast

9 Hours - Rp 550,000

  • Kerta Gosa - Hall of Justice
  • Bukit Jambul - Rice terrace view
  • Mount Agung
  • Besakih Temple
  • Kasumba
  • Goa Lawah - Bat Cave

This tour takes you to Besakih Temple on the side of Mount Agung.  We travel through rice field terraces and then on to Bali’s scenic East Coast. First stop is Kerta Gosa, the Hall of Justice, in Klungkung.  This building dates from the 18th century.  Interesting classical paintings can be viewed on the ceiling, portraying visions of heaven and hell.

We continue up into the mountains, stopping to admire the view from Bukit Jambul over rice terraces, with the sea glistening in the distance.  Then it’s on to Besakih Temple, almost 1,000 meters above sea level.  Besakih is the “Mother Temple” of Bali and the largest temple on the island.  The complex houses 30 temples on 7 levels of terraces in the mountainside.

After leaving Besakih we will stop for lunch at Bukit Jambul. Your final stop is at eerie Goa Lawah, more commonly known as the Bat Cave, where the walls of the cave literally vibrate with thousand of bats. The cave is considered to be holy, with shrines and a temple protecting the entrance. From there it is back to your hotel for dinner and the night ahead.

4.  Uluwatu & Jimbaran

5 Hours - Rp 425,000

  • Bali Cultural Park
  • Uluwatu and Kecak Dance
  • Jimbaran Bay

The first visit is to the Bali Cultural Park.  Situated on a limestone escarpment overlooking the South Bali tourist region, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park showcases the art and culture of the Island of the Gods amid dramatic natural backdrops and breathtaking panoramic vistas.

Next we will go to the southern headland of Bali where the rocky cliffs drop almost 100 meters to the ocean. The famous of Uluwatu Temple balances picturesquely on the cliffs edge. Dating from the 10th century, it is one of the six temples of the world revered by all Balinese.  Here we will take in a Kecak Dance and then continue on for a delicious sunset seafood meal on the beach at Jimbaran Bay. After your meal we will return you to your hotel.

5.  Evening Tour - Kecak & Fire Dance

3 Hours - Rp 350,000

It is best to start this tour at about 5.30 in the afternoon.  We will take a short drive to the village of Batubulan to see three of the most famous dances:

  • Sanghyang Dance – traditionally performed as an exorcism to promote peace and health within a village.
  • Kecak Dance – performed by a group of at least 50 men who dance in a circle around a blazing torch.
  • Fire Dance – where the dancer becomes entranced and is able to dance on hot coals without felling pain.

 After the dance we will take you back to your hotel, or drop you at a nearby restaurant for dinner.

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