Dian Restaurant

img_1811Dian Restaurant is owned and operated by Yudi, and is situated in the heart of Ubud on Monkey Forest Road, about half way between Monkey Forest and Jl Raya Ubud.

Dian was started by Yudi’s mother back in 1988, and was situated closer to the football field on Monkey Forest Road.  In 2001 Yudi bought Dian from his mother, and moved it to its present location.

Dian Restaurant is a popular eating place for lunch and dinner.  Its success is due to the great quality food, at very reasonable prices.  The service is excellent, and has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  There are many good restaurants in the area, but value for money, Dian is hard to beat.


The Menu

Simple food with Indonesian style is the basis of the menu.  Because of the large number of tourists that visit Dian, the food is not as spicey as one would normally experience in Indonesia.

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