Kresna 6There are so many galleries in Bali, particularly in the Mas and Ubud areas.  You can also buy paintings from many smaller shops throughout the island.  There is a concentration of these smaller shops in and around Ubud.

If you don’t know what you are looking for, it can be fairly daunting trekking from shop to shop to find the right painting and establishing a fair price.

Kresna is a great place to start your search for that something special.  Customers are usually met with a warm smile and a bottle of cold water.  The very large gallery has 8 rooms on 3 levels, and is very bright and airy.

Kresna 3There is an enormous quantity of paintings at Kresna, including abstracts in every possible colour, portraits, animals, flowers, and of course the traditional Balinese paintings.  There is even a room filled with nothing other than Buddha paintings.

The prices are very reasonable and easy to understand.  Generally all paintings of a particular size will be the same price.  You pay for the canvas area.  The exception to this is the portraits that are slightly more expensive.  There are also some special higher priced items that includes the traditional paintings.  The staff will be happy to explain the prices to you.

Kresna are situated on the By Pass Road in Ketewel about 15 minutes from Sanur, or 20 minutes south of Ubud.

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