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Everyone has different tastes, when it comes to a night out, but it is hard to go past Zappaz.  My first visit left a lasting memory, and I have enjoyed every visit since.

Zappaz is located on Jalan Laksamana, or more commonly known as “Eat Street” in Oberoi.  Eat Street is the home of some fine dining establishments, and Zappaz is they only spot in the area with live entertainment every night.

normanZappaz is owned by an English gentleman by the name of Norman Taylor.  His business card shows a title of “Piano Player”.  Norman is much more than a piano player.  He has put together a very versatile Restaurant and Bar that makes visitors from all over the world feel at home.  Norman is an excellent piano player and entertains his customers, tickling the ivories of his mini grand, while the band takes a break.

Many similar establishments in Bali will cater for only one type of crowd.  At Zappaz you will find a wide range of nationalities and age groups all feeling at home.

The menu has recently been updated and offers an International Fusion style.  They cater to all tastes, and offer an extensive menu at very good prices.

Zappaz 3The band is what makes Zappaz what it is.   They start at 8.00 and play through til about midnight seven days a week.  A great thing about the band is that they have a number of replacement musicians.  When one has a night off, someone else steps in.  This gives them a slightly different look every night, while the core of the band, and the quality of the music remains the same.

The band is extremely versatile.  They play to all musical tastes including, current hits, classics, pop, jazz, ballads and rock.  Their repertoire also includes hits from Japan, China, Korea, and of course Indonesia.

Another great concept that Zappaz have embraced is to allow their patrons to join the band for one or two numbers.  Regularly you will see a patron take over the keyboards or drums, or grab the microphone and blast out their favourite ballad.

The staff also make a huge impact on the success of Zappaz.  They are extremely well trained and friendly.  Whether you are a first time visitor, or coming back for a second or third night, they always make you feel welcome.

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