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Ubud Pothole Update

The pothole in the Ubud Main Road that first appeared in early July is being repaired.  10 days after it appeared an excavator was brought in to find the problem.  After digging a hole 8 metres deep, 8 metres wide and 20 metes long, the cause is quite clear.  There is a river running under the road.  3 weeks after the excavation, work has started to repair the damage.

Watch this video and see this monster pothole for yourself.

Pothole Causes Traffic Chaos

A huge pothole in the Ubud main road has caused traffic chaos in the area.

The hole is in the centre of the road, right outside the market in the heart of Ubud.  That section of road is usually bumper to bumper most of the day, but today it was completely closed.

The hole looks to be at least 2 meters deep and the sound of running water can be heard coming from the hole.  It appears that there is a large drainage system running under the road.

West bound traffic was diverted about 1 kilometer, but for people traveling east it was not so easy.  The detour was about 10 kilometers through the rice fields to the north, which takes about 20 minutes.

One can only imagine the scale of the work required to repair the damage.  It could be weeks before traffic can pass again.

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