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What should you look for when you are trying to find a good Bali Driver or Tour Guide?

There are many good drivers in Bali.  But there are some duds.  When you are planning your trip to Bali, you obviously want to get the best value for your money, and will want someone who can help you make the most of your visit.

Getting a good driver can make an amazing impression on your holiday.  A bad driver could certainly leave you wondering what went wrong.

Some drivers will have bomb cars, while others have late model cars.  The difference between sitting in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle for 8 hours versus one without A/C and a broken seat is obvious.  Pick someone with a good car.

It is important that your driver / tour guide knows his way around.  That is fairly obvious.  It is fair to assume that someone who is driving for a living would know Bali, but don’t take it for granted.  It is the hidden treasures of Bali that are sometimes the best.  Only experience will find those special places.

Your driver should have a good grasp on your spoken language.  Communication is the key.  I am assuming that you will want someone who speaks English if you are reading this.  They don’t have to be fluent, but you need to easily understand each other.  Trying to tell your driver you need a toilet stop by sign language could be embarrassing.

Avoid drivers who receive “kick backs”

You definitely don’t want someone who is receiving “kick backs” from manufacturers or retailers.  Most Balinese are honest hard working people, but a rare few are unethical.  You do not want to be going to the most expensive silver manufacturer in Teluk, and being told they are the cheapest.  Meanwhile your guide is pocketing 20% of the sale.  Or similarly being taken to a “great restaurant” where the food was very ordinary, but the driver received a commission.

The final quality of a good Bali Driver is his character.  The last thing you will need on a long day trip is a driver who wants to talk all day, and thinks he is a comedian.  Almost as bad is someone with no personality that only mumbles seven words for the whole day.  A driver who can talk with you when you want, and then stay quiet while you take in the amazing sights of Bali is ideal.

Do some research and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Coman Etha

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Cameron Reply

Hi there, great info! I have used Balinese drivers many times and found them always to be very friendly and happy to help!

Justine Reply

My family met Coman about three years ago and now when traveling in bali we contact Coman before we go and he is always there for us.

He has a fantastic personality. Speaks great english and that is a bonus. He is wonderful with children. Our children absolutely loved him. Nothing is too much trouble for him. When you need something special to get when shopping, he knows the best spots and the best prices.

Coman has now become a great friend of ours and we recommend him highly to everyone that needs a great driver whilst in Bali.

Jill Clarke Reply

Thanks Coman, for your excellent services which made our stay in Bali so enjoyable. I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend Coman to any visitors going to Bali. He´s extremely polite, honest, service-minded, and punctual. He speaks very good English, and his rates are very reasonable. We have already booked his service for our return trip to Bali in October :0) Thanks again coman

Pauline Radonic Reply

Hi there, Great site Coman! I have been going to Bali every year for about four years now (sometimes twice a year). I’ve introduced my daughter, and our friends who have all been welcomed by Coman and his family. He is just plainly a kind, honest and genuine person with a great sense of humor we couldn’t asked for anyone nicer. Can’t wait to go back.

Trish Bonney Reply

G’day Coman. Wow you finally did it. Looks Great.

Before I came to Bali I was a little anxious and rather nervous. Not knowing what to expect even though my friends have told me how great it was there and they were right, it was fantastic.

Coman made us feel very welcome and went out of his way to make sure we had a really good time there, outing with Coman was easier than tour groups. I personally enjoyed visiting his village and meeting his family.

I would highly recommend Coman as a driver and have done with other friends when they either arrive in Bali or before.

A very funny man with a cheeky smile that never disappears. A true old style gentle man.

Marina and Neal Phillips Reply

First of all we would like to say congratulations on this wonderful web site that all can read.

We would highly recommend Coman to anyone that travels to Bali. We have over the years recommended lots of family and friends to him and they all come home saying how wonderful Coman is.

We met Coman 6 years ago by our good freinds and we have always used him when we travel to Bali. Its just so nice to be greeted at the airport by a friendly smile and hug, he is the most wonderful gentle man with a smile that melts your heart he would do anything to help you and knows the best places to visit especially shopping he knows us well.

Coman his lovely wife Putu and daughter Metha and new baby to come are a big part of all our family and we call them Our Bali Family, we wish Coman all the best in his new venture. Always in our hearts.

Marina & Neal and all the family Western Australia

Coman Etha Reply

Thanks Marina & Neal, and to everyone else for leaving these great comments.


Sheiranne,Graham,Talia and Madison Townshend Reply

WOW…. A fantastic website Coman and we wish you all best wishes and all the success in the world.

We were given Coman’s contact details just over 2 years ago and have considered him a very good friend ever since. He is a genuine guy and and will always do the right thing by you, we have not hesitated in recommedning him to our friends and family and always have great feedback from them on how great he is. He knows which surf beaches to go to and lets not forget the shopping outlets etc as well as popular tourist spots.

His family are lovely people and he only wants whats best for everyone, so please continue to support him on his new venture and pass his name and contact details onto anyone and everyone you know who is going to Bali.

Don’t forget to pick us up in September Coman. hahahaha

Sheiranne,Graham,Talia and Madi xx
Golden Bay Western Australia….

Nicky Lansdell (West Oz) Reply

Hi Coman.

Sheiranne sent me the link to your new website, it looks excellent. I was so excited to hear you have your new car. Hope Putu and Metha are both well, say hello for me.

Haven’t booked my next trip back to Bali yet because I am busy trying to sell my house and move. Once I know where I am at I will be on that plane and heading back to see you, can’t wait. Hope business is going well for you, I have been recommending you to all my friends. Can’t wait to see you again soon.

Best wishes and good luck with the birth of your new baby.


John & Ann Daniell Reply

We met Coman a few years ago and since that time have found Coman to be one of the most friendly, honest and trustworthy people that you could come across. Coman knows alot of good spots to take us to, whether it be sightseeing, shopping or going out for dinner. I would recommend Coman to anyone without a doubt, and would like to wish Coman, Putu and Metha luck with your new arrival.

Matt Pursell Reply

Hey Coman! Great website mate.
Always friendly, always helpful, I highly recommend your services. Good luck with your family and business!
See you next time.

Geoff Pursell Reply

On my recent trip to Bali I met Coman, top bloke, very knowledgable he provided us with the best service and great value.

Coman is a true Balinese that speak english very well and knows Bali like the back of his hand and did I mention he’s a top bloke !

All the best to you and your family

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