Cam L - Queensland Australia

As a freelance news and editorial photographer I travel through Bali at least once a year.  I have used Coman on a number of occasions and have found his service to be nothing short of fantastic!  

He has a great grasp of understanding the Western way of thinking and interpreting that to the Balinese way of life.  Great driver, great communicator and great price!

Jill - Australia

You couldn’t ask for a more honest and genuine person to take you to the sites and discovery Bali than Coman. He is a wonderful man.

Ray & Leanne

I have known Coman for a number of years and upon recommending him to friends and family have had nothing but positive feedback.

With 16 trips to Bali it is great to have a true and reliable contact on the ground. He is a fantastic guide and nothing is to much trouble. His ability to adapt to the situation, and his clear and concise communication sets him aside from other Bali Drivers. We found his biggest strength was with children. His ability to keep up with the twins was commendable.

Thanks Coman for all your help and the friendship you have shown my family.

John & Ann

We met Coman a few years ago and since that time have found Coman to be one of the most friendly, honest and trustworthy people that you could come across. Coman knows a lot of good spots to take us to, whether it be sightseeing, shopping or going out for dinner. I would recommend Coman to anyone without a doubt.

Pauline Radonic

I have been going to Bali every year for about four years now (sometimes twice a year). I’ve introduced my daughter, and our friends who have all been welcomed by Coman and his family. He is just plainly a kind, honest and genuine person with a great sense of humor we couldn’t asked for anyone nicer. Can’t wait to go back.


My family met Coman about three years ago and now when traveling in Bali we contact Coman before we go and he is always there for us.  He has a fantastic personality.  Speaks great English and that is a bonus.  He is wonderful with children.  Our children absolutely loved him.  Nothing is too much trouble for him.  When you need something special to get when shopping, he knows the best spots and the best prices.  Coman has now become a great friend of ours and we recommend him highly to everyone that needs a great driver whilst in Bali.

Jak - Australia

I met Coman in Bali earlier in the year after a friend recommended him to me.  What a great guy.  If you are looking for an outstanding Bali Driver, Coman’s your man.

Greg M - Australia

I have used Coman as my driver for many years.  He drives well, his English is good, and he is a good person to be around.  He is good for a laugh, but knows when not to speak, which allows time to take in the wonders of Bali.

Derek A - Western Australia

Coman has been my driver for the last 5 years. Great bloke, good fun to be with, loyal & trustworthy. Knows all the good surf spots.

Peter & Carol

We have had the pleasure of using Coman for our transport around Bali now for more than five years. In that time we have established a great relationship that extends well beyond one of tourist and driver.

We now consider Coman a very good friend who we trust implicitly, not only with our safety whilst traveling but he has also handled commercial purchases for us in Bali, which meant us leaving him with large sums of money to purchase goods and arrange shipping to Australia for us after we had left Bali. We did this without hesitation simply because of our faith in him. Coman is excellent with children, he is quite happy to take control of the stroller or carry them around while on any outing allowing the parents to enjoy a bit of freedom. Our entire family has become friends with Coman and he looked after our son, daughter and our grandkids just recently and they returned from Bali once again singing his praises.

We have also come to know his darling wife Putu, daughter Metha and visited his family at their home on various occasions where we are always greeted warmly and treated to a cool drink and some delicious fresh cooked banana fritters.

So please do yourself, and Coman a favor and contact him for all your transport needs whilst holidaying in the "Isle of Smiles" you will not be disappointed.

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