A Rising Star

AngelLast night at Zappaz Restaurant and Bar a rising star was on show.

Angel, at all of 13 years old, took the drumsticks off her father, and showed the immense talent she has.
Her father Iwan is the drummer and band manager of the versatile Zappaz band.  Her mother Lucy fronts the band as a vocalist.

Half way through the first bracket it was announced, “please welcome our guest drummer”.   Young Angel took her place behind the drums and showed some skills way beyond her years.

She played some more during the night, while dad took a break at the bar.  The audience were in awe of the immense talent she displayed, and they gave her huge applause when dad took over.

Brilliant, amazing, unbelievable where just a few words that were buzzing around afterwards.

Pics below show Dad relaxing at the bar while Mum and Angel are hard at it.
Zappaz 10Zappaz-11

Coman Etha

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