Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt in Bali.

Julia RobertsSony Pictures Entertainment will later this year film the Bali scenes of the screen adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best selling autobiography, Eat, Pray, Love(EPL).

Julia Roberts stars as the book’s narrator, and Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner will produce the film.

The book, which traces Gilbert’s search for identity across four countries following her divorce, topped six million sales in the US alone.  With shooting in New York, Italy, Delhi and Bali, the film of the bestseller is expected to be a blockbuster at box offices around the globe.

Director, Ryan Murphy, is currently scouting locations in Gianyar, Karangasem and Jimbaran, with much of the filming planned around the hillside village of Ubud.

Source:  Jakarta Post

Coman Etha

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Phil Reply

Tell me what date Julia will be in Bali and I will book my tickets straight away.

Visiting Bali and meeting her would be the greatest.

Cameron Reply

Hey there, any info you can find out about this movie and where the stars will be staying and working could score me a trip over there for work! Ear to the ground… 🙂

Coman Etha Reply

All we know for now is that they will be filming for a 5 week period later this year in Ubud. Who is coming and where they will stay is a mystery for now. As soon as more info comes to hand you will find it here.

We would love to see you here in Bali.

Melissa Reply

Hi there, I will be in Bali in August and following the trail (with my husband) of Elizabeth Gilbert. If by any chance Eat Pray Love is being shot at this time I will feel honored and extremely priveleged upon viewing the movie to say that I was there! The stars and producers of the movie need to have their privacy respected and we have to remember that they are there as artists, creating for us the consumer. I was inspired to visit Bali (very close to my home in Australia) , upon reading Eat Pray Love and intend to enjoy every moment and soak in as much of Indonesia as I can!

animade Reply

I would like to have some information on EPL film shouting location in Bali; Karangasem.

I am in charge for an foundation/NPO in sicial and art-cultural divission, implenting activities for the children in collaborating with Banjar adat in the village in 3 disrtict in Karangasem.

I would be very glad to help you, as our biography that we participated in 2 TV production canal plus and TV 5.

Ani Made

Coman Etha Reply


As soon as we have some more information on the filming of Eat Pray Love we will post it. Unfortunately it is difficult to get the information. I suppose the producers would prefer to keep it quiet so they don’t have people getting in the way.

Veronica Reply

they will be there from Oct 16- Nov 6!! 🙂

Coman Etha Reply

Thanks for the heads up Veronica. Can you tell us where your information is from.

Coman Etha Reply

Our reply to Veronica has not provided any further details regarding dates she provided. Nor has there been a reply to an email sent to her, requesting the source of the information.

Therefore we are not able to confirm that the dates provided are correct or not.

Tempo dulu Reply

I would have preferered to see Miyabi come, but Julia Roberts comes a close second.

marta Reply

welcome to indonesia..my country

ezzavahlevi Reply

welcome to bali julia roberts………..

jarred Reply

admin :
Thanks for the heads up Veronica. Can you tell us where your information is from.

she is in ubud. a buddy and me watched them on location filming. the scene was shot near the temple in ubud by the traditional market.

Christopher Wingate Reply

Well my family and I are in Ubud and yes Julia Roberts is currently here, in fact about 100 metres from me. I find it interesting people want to know where she is staying. I know but why the hell would I tell anyone the woman has a right to privacy. Just wait for the film and enjoy.

Mike Henderson Reply

Sat having dinner in the Four Seasons Hotel Jimbaran when who should walk down the steps but Julia Roberts looking every bit as stunning as she does on screen. “26th Oct?”

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