Ceremony For Coman’s New House

Coman has been working hard over the past few months building his new house in his family compound in Tabanan.  The house is almost complete, but they cannot live in it until they have a ceremony to bless the house.

Early in June the family and a few guests were invited to join the blessing ceremony. It was held in the middle of the day and went about 3 hours.  Some fabulous local food was served for lunch, and together with some cool drinks and great conversation it was a nice afternoon.

Now Coman only needs a few finishing touches and he, Putu and the kids will have somewhere they can call “home”.

Coman Etha

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Judy Mackay Reply

Hi again Coman.
Glad to see you are in your own home.
Now you have more room,does that mean more babies?

Regards Judy.

lyn Reply

It was a great day, very honoured to be a part of it!

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