Ganeca BuddhaWhen you talk about handicrafts in Bali there is a vast range available.  They are all hand made, and can include timber, rattan, stone, bamboo, glass, terracotta, paper, ceramics and fabric.

Unfortunately there are very few places that one will find a range of different types of handicrafts.  Nearly all the shops sell only wood, or only ceramic.  There are some shops in Kuta that have a little of everything, but the prices are usually over the top.

Even more difficult is the fact that many small shops in Tegallalang sell only one type of timber handicraft.  There will be one shop that will sell only cats, one that sells only geckos and one that sells only mirrors.  That can make finding the right thing a little tedious.

The road north of Ubud to Tegallalang is most interesting.  There is about 20 kilometres of shops on a narrow road, selling a vast range of handicrafts.

Ganeca is on the right hand side heading north, 10 kilometres from Ubud Main Road.  They have an extensive range of timber handicrafts.  You will find lots of animals including cats, elephants, ducks, fish, giraffes, seahorse and more.

They also have a good range of the ever-popular Buddha styles, many unusual abstract carvings, and a large range in a nautical theme.  Ganeca is always changing their range to make way for the latest designs.

Ganeca CatsGaneca Fish

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