Prostitutes and Transvestites Arrested at Bali Bombing Memorial

Bali Bombing Memorial

Evening Raid Nets Beggars, Prostitutes and Transvestites

In response to reports that beggars and prostitutes were disturbing visitors in the vicinity of Ground Zero and the Bali Bombing Memorial, sweeping raids were conducted in the area on 1 July.

The evening raids netted a total 37 beggars, 11 commercial sex workers, 19 transvestites, 3 people with no identity cards and 2 improperly parked taxis. Most of the arrests were made in the vicinity of the Bali Bombing Monument.

Most of those arrested had their personal details taken for processing on public nuisance complaints. However, the beggars, many of whom were children, were rounded up for eventual return to their home villages.

The raids were made after receiving numerous complaints from local residents of the nuisance caused by the transient street workers.

Article produced with permission of Bali Discovery Tours.

Coman Etha

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Zev Reply

If begging and prostitution are illegal activities, then I understand why those engaging in those activities were arrested. But why were transgender people arrested? Is it illegal to be transgender in Bali?

Coman Etha Reply

Great question Zev. It is not something that I thought of when reproducing the article, but now you have raised the point, it does make you wonder.

I cannot answer your question categorically, but I am fairly certain it is not illegal. There are a number of transgender bars in Kuta and Legian that are very popular. It would be fair to assume that these would not be in operation if transgender activities were illegal.

As for your first question “why were they arrested”? We will probably never know.

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