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ComanMy name is Coman, and I have been working as a Driver and Tour Guide in Bali for 8 years.  In that time I have learned what people want to see when they visit our magnificent island.  I know how to make your day trips enjoyable and fun.

In the next few weeks this blog will grow, and will provide Bali visitors with a valuable resource.  Our aim is to give you all the information you need, to make your Bali visit a memorable one.

Coman Etha

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Jill Clarke Reply

You couldn’t ask for a more honest and genuine person to take you to the sites and discover Bali than Coman. He is a wonderful man.

Marc D Reply

This is a great site you have put together. The wife and I have been thinking about Bali as a vacation spot, and after checking out what you offer and reading the other comments about you, we know who we will be contacting to show us around. Here’s to a great vacation!

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