Who the Hell is ……. Antonio Blanco?

Antonio BlancoAntonio Blanco was born in Manila, Philippines to Spanish Parents in 1911.  He was educated at an American school and later studied in the National Academy of Art in New York.  During his early years he concentrated on the human form and was fascinated by the female body.

He travelled extensively throughout the world before landing in Bali in 1952.  The King of Ubud gave Blanco some land to set up his home and studio with his wife, a celebrated Balinese dancer named Ni Ronji.  They lived in their mountain retreat, barely leaving it for the world outside.

Blanco became the most famous foreign artist to make Bali his home.  Art lovers sought after his work, and he was recognised worldwide.  He continued to create fantasy portraits of beautiful women until his death in 1999.

Before he died, Blanco started building his museum.  Dramatically, he died just before its inauguration.

Today the Blanco Renaissance Museum is open to the public, and is a popular tourist destination in Ubud.   Stroll through the magnificent gardens, visit the family temple, and enjoy the work of this world-renowned artist.  The studio remains undisturbed, the unfinished painting still on the sunken easel.

Blanco Museum

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